Pictures: Inside a cake hotel in Soho…

So… you want to see what it’s like hanging out inside a cake hotel in the middle of Soho? Voila! (I should also say that although all of the edible things tasted really… Continue reading

London Vistas – an Instagram project

I gravitate towards these kinds of symmetrical (or as near to symmetrical as I can get freehand) views as I pass through the city. I started collecting them alongside and sometimes as part… Continue reading

A portrait of Kate Middleton (the artist formerly known as)

The first official painting of the Duchess of Cambridge was unveiled at the National Portrait Gallery (of which Duchess Kate is a patron) on Friday and, quite frankly, it feels sarcastic. My own experience… Continue reading

Christmas Card 21! Adorable illustrations by Jacob Stack

I absolutely love the Christmassy illustrations of Jacob Stack – his bird characters are particularly adorable, especially when they’re looking upwards at something a lot bigger than them. The one above is my… Continue reading

Christmas Card 20! Santa Godzilla

  :D Godzilla at Christmas! This is part of a series by Hatchers – I’m less keen on the others but have fallen in love with Christmas Godzilla! Christmas Godzilla, Hatchers, $5 download

Christmas Card 19! The Kardashians at Kristmas

The Kardashian Kristmas Kard is out and… Lord help me but it’s just not as good as last year’s. Last year was ice blue and bow ties and ridiculously retouched butts. This year… Continue reading

Christmas Card 18! Super simple wi-fi tree

The Christmas tree, thanks to its ability to be represented as a basic triangle, lends itself to all manner of smart reworkings. I really like the simplicity Federico Mauro’s wi-fi design above. Along… Continue reading

Christmas Card 17! Pop-up Tate Modern

London’s Tate Modern gallery gets the festive treatment with this beautifully made pop-up Christmas card by Paper Tango. The whole thing is laser cut and then finished by hand making for a product… Continue reading

Christmas Card 14! A very Wookiee Christmas with Star Wars cards

    PJ McQuade is the designer responsible for Chewie the red-nosed reindeer – although if you’re hoping to pick up one of the cards you’ll need to come back next year or… Continue reading

Christmas Card 13! Beyond declare Santa dead using science

Design Studio, Beyond, have taken a slightly unusual approach to Christmas cards this year – and by “unusual” I mean that they have used science and maths to declare Santa dead in their… Continue reading