Meanies bathe in mudpuddles.

This whole funding thing is a right lark and a half isn’t it?

In short, I qualify for approximately NONE of the available helpful financial schemes. I could take out a Career Development Loan which should cover the cost of fees and academic things like books, unfortunately it doesn’t even skim the surface of the turbid cesspool that is “Cost of Living”.

…I wrote the above about half an hour ago and have since had a good old moan to my housemate. Generally the prevailing mood now is “upbeat even though our degrees gave us false hope for the future, political maneouvering has ensured an applicant to job ratio of about a jillion to one, and art history leads to art history postgrads or nothing at all”.

In other news I went with boyfriend and two friends to the Shell Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition at the Natural History Museum. I felt rather that the overall winner was Not Very Good Compared To Lots Of Other Entries and featured a spectacularly irritating elephant pratting about in a mudpuddle.


Elephant creation, Ben Osborne (2007)

Elephant creation, Ben Osborne (2007)


It was also noted by boyfriend and friends that the blurb accompanying each photo ran approximately thus:

After waiting in a poky smelly hide for a thousand years these animals appeared and started doing things. It wasn’t what I had actually wanted at all but I managed to get this picture by accident and ISN’T THAT WHAT IT’S REALLY ALL ABOUT?

God, I hate that elephant.