Nele Azevedo, Melting Man, Berlin

Melting Man, Nele Azevedo

Melting Man, Nele Azevedo, Berlin

I saw this via MOMA’s twitter feed (Would that be the twitter feed that’s loads more fun than Tate’s? Yes. Yes it would)

Nele Azevedo, Melting Man, Berlin – unurth – street art.

Basically it’s art concerned with raising awareness of global warming. The basic premise is pretty straightforward – human-shaped lumps of ice are aranged as if in some kind of stadium  and then nature takes its course and they turn to puddles. The simplicity of the concept and the resulting visual spectacle really worked together to create something arresting and poignant.

Vatnajökull, Iceland - image courtesy of N4n0

I was also reminded of Katie Paterson’s Vatnajökull (the sound of) which I saw at Modern Art Oxford back in 2008.

It consisted of a mobile phone number written in neon lights on the wall. Dialling the number connected you to a microphone submerged in a lagoon next to Vatnajokull – a melting Icelandic glacier .

Only one person could connect at a time making the experience more valuable and personal than a stream over the web and the various creakings and gurgling sounded variously ancient, lonely and urgent.

In the interests of trying to share the experience with you I found and dialled the number, however it just transferred me to a voicemail account for the artist – as a second best there’s a soundfile you can listen to online.

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