The Omniscient Engineer, Roundhouse

Today I trekked up to the wilds of North London – Camden to be precise – to look at an exhibition in the Roundhouse café. The pictures are the results of a photography bootcamp project I was involved in and I wanted to see if mine had been included.

Excitingly it was there and bigger than I’d thought it might be! It turned out really well and I feel like my own hard work on the project has really paid off. I’ve taken a picture because it’s something I want to remember and be proud of and you can see that here but equally. if you’re in Camden it would be aces if you could pop into the Roundhouse café and check it out – feedback is always appreciated and some of the other work there is really interesting (I really loved the diptych of a woman in profile and an upside down pig in profile).

Omniscient Engineer, Philippa Warr

Omniscient Engineer, Philippa Warr

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