Picasso word cloud

This evening I found my dissertation. I also found wordle.net. I have now smooshed them both together to create an aesthetically pleasing word cloud of the most frequently used words.

Dissertation via Wordle

Dissertation via Wordle

I would say it tells you about the dissertation in the broadest sense. You can probably work out that I focussed on Picasso – if can’t you should probably try looking again! I was looking at his relationship with the communist party and why a painting he made specifically to ingratiate himself with them is near-universally judged to be a flop. In case you’re interested the full title is:

Why was Picasso’s Massacre in Korea not successful as a communist painting and why has it not been afforded the same critical recognition as his earlier political painting, Guernica (1937)?

I’d be interested to see how much of the broad thrust of other art essays is retained using word clouds. Perhaps that’s a project for another night though!

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