Earth: Art of a Changing World

On the very final day of its run I went to see Earth: Art of a Changing World at the RA. It was most interesting stuff and I’m glad I had a chance to catch it before it ended (an apt sentiment given some of the subject matter).

Sadly it won’t be touring – I asked the RA’s official Twitter feed and it said no :( – so I’ll put my personal highlights here in case you get to see them in another context.

1. The video below is ‘Black Rain’ by Semiconductor (Ruth Jarman and Joe Gerhardt). It’s composed of raw visual data from NASA’s Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory – a pair of satellites which track interplanetary solar winds and coronal mass ejections heading for Earth.

Black Rain installation from Semiconductor on Vimeo.

2. There was also Yao Lu’s Spring in the City (2009). Yao Lu digitally manipulates photos of mountains of trash covered with green netting, transforming them into a contemporary version of traditional Chinese ink  paintings.

Yao Lu - Spring in the City (2009)

3. Finally there was Darren Almond’s Tide. A whole wall of identical digital wall clocks where the passing of every minute is punctuated by a loud and almost visceral slap as the number flap clicks to the next minute’s display. The passing of time is loud, relentless and borderline painful.

Darren Almond - Tide (2008)

Darren Almond - Tide (2008)