Yayoi Kusama, Juicy Tubes

Sometimes art and artists crop up in unexpected places, for example, when walking through a shopping centre in London I wasn’t expecting to see glossy Debenhams window advertisements for a Juicy Tubes/Yayoi Kusama collaboration.

For those unknowing/uncaring about make up, Juicy Tubes are expensive lipgloss and for those unknowing/uncaring about artists (although if it’s the latter you might not enjoy this blog) Yayoi Kusama is a Japanese artist preoccupied with repetition and obsession – often in the form of polka dots.

After the initial surprise passed, makeup- that repetitive daily ritual – doesn’t seem entirely divorced from Kusama’s work. The designs themselves are striking, fresh and pretty although in a way that reminds me of being 12 years old and thinking my blueberry scented body spritz (£1.29 from Superdrug) was the very embodiment of  ‘chic’.

I guess the people who know Kusama’s name will see it as a chance to buy a small, affordable (and very much functional) limited edition artwork, for others it’s a revamped line of a now-deacade-old product (the designs are for a 100% natural origin version of the lipgloss), and it might endear the brand to younger shoppers.

Juicy Tubes, Yayoi Kusama

What do you reckon? Will you be buying one? And have you seen any other artists in unexpected places?