Vending Machine – Ellie Harrison

This week’s episode of The Bubble (a show which I simply can’t see the point in but which happened to be featuring Robert Webb who I very much can see the point in) mentioned an artwork by Ellie Harrison.

It’s a vending machine which drops a packet of crisps into the hopper whenever the BBC News RSS feed begins talking about the recession. It reminded me somewhat of Pavlov and his dog – perhaps from now on every time the economy looks a little peaky hundreds of Lancastrians will begin salivating?

Here’s a clip of the machine in action:

Apparently, in a previous incarnation in Plymouth College of Arts the basic stimulus-response idea was augmented by a link to a message board outside which announced when free food was available.

Vending Machine is showing as part of the Abandon Normal Devices festival at The Dukes, Lancaster until Saturday, April 10