Forever Foreign – Rina Banerjee

Well, it’s been a busy few days in the UK what with the odd experience that was the [first] general election of 2010 but here’s something that I hope will lift some spirits:

There is a wonderful exhibition of Rina Banerjee’s work at Haunch of Venison (just behind the Royal Academy) called Forever Foreign. Actually there’s a little infinity symbol between Forever and Foreign but my laptop apparently hates the alt code for that symbol so you’ll have to use your imaginations!

The exhibition is up until May 15th so you’ll need to hurry but it’s well worth it! There is a mixture of painting and sculpture and while I found some paintings worked a lot better than others, the sculpture was universally good. It was that wonderful sensation where you felt that all of the objects worked together – one more cowrie shell or sequin and the whole thing would become unbalanced but one less and the work would be unfinished. There was also an abundance of delicious titling – I’ve included some pictures (for you are allowed to snap away) with the accompanying names of the works to whet your appetites…

The world as burnt fruit - When empires feuded for populations and plantations, buried in colonial and ancient currency a Gharial appeared from an inky melon - hot with blossom sprang forth to swallow the world not yet whole as burnt fruit

Take me, take me, take me... to the Palace of Love

From the jungle in lore of the Colonial frontier eager explorers compelled by fantasy and fortune savoured oral texts, imagined more held the foreign captive s part of an untidy garden (detail)