Draw And Fold Over

If you were anything like me at school you probably enjoyed more than a few sneaky games of draw and fold over  – someone would start off drawing a head, the next would have to do the upper body, the third person got the bum and the last person managed some legs and feet. Each person would have to fold the paper over so all you had to go on when it got to your turn were a couple of lines hanging below the fold to show you where how to join your bit on.

Well a friend pointed me in the direction of a web version this week created to promote The Big Draw. It’s awesome, especially for lunchbreaks or snatched doodle-friendly moments. Okay, it would be a lot easier to realise your artistic vision using a tablet or a touch screen but here’s what three friends and myself managed just using our trusty computer mice!

Draw And Fold Over

Draw And Fold Over (Gillian, Duncan, Alan and Philippa)

You can give it a go here!