Thousands of LEDs brighten Madison Square Garden this winter

This winter visitors to Madison Square Garden can enjoy Scattered Light – a series of three public artworks by the new media artist Jim Campbell. Each piece is inspired by cities and their inhabitants. The largest – also named Scattered Light – makes use of a kind of matrix measuring 80’h x 20’w x 16’d to hold nearly 2000 household lightbulbs containing LEDs.  When viewed head-on the LEDs, programmed to flicker scattered light, then create the impression of enormous human shadows passing through the structure. Moving round the installation distorts the effect and the human becomes abstract. You can see what I mean in the video above and the second part of one of the videos below.

Broken Window, the second installation, features an array of LEDs encased in a glass-brick wall (70″h x 70″w x 10″d) and shows blurry videos of people within a city environment across the glass plane. Their movements are intended to reflect the movement in Scattered Light. The third is Voices in the Subway Station. Again, it features LEDs but this time they’re encased in 24 glass tablets measuring 14″ x 18″ eachand spread across the lawn at ground level. The rhythm of light pulsing from each tablet is dictated by a recording of the voices of individual travellers in conversation on a subway platform. It’s the only part of the work which doesn’t have a figurative element and sounds like it has a lot in common with some of Rafael Lozano-Hemmer‘s recent work. I’d love to see it in action but couldn’t find a video online. If you know of one please drop me a link!

You can see Broken Window below: