Invisible Worlds and Cobalt Roses

Cobalt Roses, originally uploaded by EMSL.

I went to UCL at lunchtime yesterday to check out one of their exhibitions. On the way I got lost and ended up at Photomicrographia: Invisible Worlds which is a showcase of Richard Weedon’s beautiful photomicrographic studies.

The photomicrographs reveal the invisible life of microfossil and zoological slide preparations collected for research and teaching at UCL and they give a fascinating insight into another world.

I was particularly struck by the modular nature of the subject matter when you get to this level of detail. Each picture looked more like a fabric print with repeating but haphazardly arranged motifs.

I decided to look for more images and was struck by their simple beauty. The picture featured here is a case in point. Cobalt oxide particles are revealed as delicate roses scattered over a black velvet background.

Photomicrographia: Invisible Worlds is open until January 10, 2011 in South Cloisters, Wilkins Building UCL.