Adrian Gray’s impossible stone sculptures

Part of this weekend’s Country Tracks focused on the work of Dorset artist Adrian Gray who constructs impossible-looking sculptures by balancing stones on top of one another. As someone who grew up near a particularly stony part of the Kentish coast (Lonely Planet describes it thus: “a relic from a bygone age when holiday makers believed that sitting on a wind-blasted patch of shingle and sand was something to look forward to”) I’m no stranger to the enjoyment of a well shaped stone or a well balanced pile of them. I must admit that his efforts dwarfed my own though.

The stillness of a completed work and the weight of the material contrasts wonderfully with the weird angles and the fact that at any moment the whole thing could come crashing down.

As a counterpoint to the ephemeral nature of these sculptures photographic prints are available to buy from his shop (£40 for regular, £70 for limited edition, plus shipping). His archive is well worth a look and contains some stunning pictures of the sculptures being beset by strong waves.