Giant Jelly Babies loom over Marble Arch

Those of you who live in London may have noticed a family of giant jellybabies taking up residence next to Marble Arch lido.  As a fan of jelly babies, sculpture and bright colours I took my camera and headed to W1 to check them out.

Unfortunately, because I work full time, I could only go at night when it was snowing and dark. It did add a touch of menace to the sculptures though, and it concealed some of the less photogenic parts of Marble Arch!


Jelly Babies - Mauro Perucchetti

Jelly Babies - Mauro Perucchetti

The sculptures are the work of Mauro Perucchetti and will stay in situ until April, 2011:

In the current version, ‘Jelly Baby Family 2010’, they could easily embody the unity of family and the multicultural aspect of modern society that is so prevalent, especially in London.

I am absolutely privileged and delighted that they will go in such a prominent position, and being opposite Speaker’s Corner gives them a particularly symbolic value.

Here’s a video of the installation in progress, createdby the Halcyon Gallery who staged an accompanying exhibition of his work earlier this year:

Tell me whether you love it or loathe it!