Eadweard Muybridge would have loved popcorn

Muybridgizer versus popcorn

Muybridgizer versus popcorn

I made this shortly before Christmas using the Tate Muybridgizer app for the iPhone. It was a great example of an app really tying in with an exhibition instead of feeling as though someone had said “and let’s make something to bung on the app store as well” a couple of days before launch!

Eadweard Muybridge was one of those incredibly determined types whose particular focus was photography. He is most well known for his endeavours in exploring how animals move in which he was aided by Leland Stanford – wealthy owner of many a thoroughbred horse – who wanted the information Muybridge could provide in order to improve his breeding and training programmes.

His single-mindedness is also evidenced in earlier work. While photographing in Yosemite Valley the Daily Alta California described his attitude thus: ‘he has cut down trees by the score that interfered with the cameras from the best point of sight; he had himself lowered by ropes down precipices to establish his instruments in places where the full beauty of the object to be photographed could be transferred to the negative’.

The app costs nothing and you can still download it here: Muybridgizer for iPhone

There is also a Flickr gallery where you can look at what everyone else has come up with.

PS I asked Tate if there was a way of uploading the moving image rather than just the grid of pictures as you’ll see with the Flickr gallery and apparently there isn’t. They recommended I divide the grid of pictures into the individual images and then use an online GIF creator to compose the animation.