Danbo: resistance is futile (especially on Flickr)

If you’ve EVER searched for anything on Flickr chances are you’ll be familiar with Danbo. You might have had no idea what she actually is (much like me until I lost my temper about 20 minutes ago and resolved to find out what was going on)  but you WILL have seen a cutesy Japanese cardboard robot doing impossibly cute things on a huge variety of search results.

Turns out Danbo is the name given to anime character Miura Hayasaka when she’s wearing a cardboard box suit.

My own reaction to internet memes is unpredictable and usually extreme. I *still* giggle over the O RLY owl while Badger Badger Mushroom only eclipses ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ in the irritation stakes and I would happily see the badger, the mushroom AND the snake hurled into a deep dark well. I have now taken against Danbo for infecting Flickr – she’s adorable but when I’m searching for “skittles sweets”, for the love of God please stop showing me Danbo!

In a perverse twist, my displeasure has manifested itself in creating a gallery of the cutest Danbo pictures I could find SIMPLY so I could be irritated  on a massive scale whenever I felt like it. Click on the picture for more…

Danbo with fairy in a jar

I Caught One! by katkamin, reproduced under CC licence