Skin art (or ‘Why I still don’t have a tattoo’)

I have spent most of my evening trying to decide which tattoo to get.

It’s a question I ask myself every now and again. In fact I’ve been asking it for so many years that my skin is still untainted by any actual tattoos.

So what are the options?

Option 1. Giant octopus.


Cons: It would have to be perfect. And massive. A disappointing octopus tattoo would be devastating.

Octopus tattoo

Octopus tattoo - kusine via Creative Commons

Option 2. An ironic tattoo

Pros: A sarcastic riff on unimaginitive/tacky tattoos.

Cons: Danger that no-one will realise it’s ironic and I will have a butterfly or fairy to contend with for the rest of my life.

Option 3. ‘Do I dare disturb the universe?’

Pros: I love the quote.

Cons: A TS Eliot tattoo would push me over the edge and into middle class pastiche.

Prufrock tattoo

Prufrock tattoo - via Contrariwise

Given the fact I don’t even dare to get a tattoo, disturbing the universe might be a bit of a tall order.

Back to the drawing board…