The Summer Exhibition: an observation

Sadly I can’t find any images of the paintings I wanted to talk about from the Royal Academy’s Summer Exhibition so that’s going on the backburner but something of interest:

As the artworks and prints get sold red sticky dots are added to the bottom left corner of the work. Things that involve cats, dogs, and timeless-but-small-enough-for-the-bathroom seascapes tend to look like they have virulent and location specific chicken pox.

I emailed the press department to ask about images, but out of curiosity I also asked which were the bestselling pieces this year. I received the response: “We are unable to comment regarding sales.”

Weird, no? I can wander round the exhibition and see the sales physically represented on the art and, if I could so be bothered I could even open the catalogue, find out the price and get a ballpark sales figure. But asking for the general information is a no go?

In case you were wondering, I judged it by eye while I was there and the pieces with the most stickers looked to be Bankland by Frank Kiely, Wolves in the Wood by Tim Southall and St Paul’s by Joseph Winkelman.