Octopus Monday: Octodad 2 on Kickstarter!

If you haven’t heard of it, Kickstarter is an excellent funding platform for creative endeavours. How it works is the creative types who need funding pitch their idea to you, the republic of the internet, who can then choose to donate money to the project. Funding works on an all-or-nothing basis so if the goal amount for a project isn’t reached, no-one pays any money. That might sound weird to start with but – when you think about it – it means that no-one can then be expected to pull off a fabulously ambitious project with just $25.

There’s a lot of incentivisation around the projects as you would expect but but my current favourite is from the indie studio Octodad who are trying to raise $20,000 to fund the creation of their game, Octodad 2 (you can play the original Octodad here).

Depending on the amount of the donation, donors can receive presents! Sadly (for me) someone has already pledged the $1,000 necessary to secure this oil painting:

Octodad oil painting

Octodad oil painting

BUT the $800 reward of an Octodad costume to fit you OR YOUR CAT!!!11!!!1!!one! is still up for grabs. I’m considering setting up a Kickstarter project to enable me to reach $800 quickly.

There’s also a fine assortment of digital art, t-shirts and special thanks in the game credits to be enjoyed so it’s definitely worth have a look through their pitch. They’re currently only $452 away from their target…