Gallery: Taxidermy and Tea with The Robin Collective

On Saturday I got into the Halloween spirit with a rather ghoulish outing in Hackney. But rather than attacking a bottle of gin while wearing a vampire costume  and listening to the Monster Mash on repeat, I was at the Tour de Force Theatre for an afternoon of tea and taxidermy thanks to The Robin Collective.

Taxidermy and Tea. Photo: Philippa Warr

Brandy (l) and Robin (r) with Amanda. Photo: Philippa Warr

Health and safety restrictions meant only the taxidermist, Amanda of Amanda’s Autopsies, would be doing any slicing and dicing but visitors could get a good (sometimes too good for the squeamish) view of the action as Amanda talked us through stuffing a dead rat. It was surprisingly non-gory and very interesting, plus the balloons containing Victoria sponge flavoured air gave the whole thing a rather pleasant vanilla aroma.

For a selection of pictures from the event just check out the slideshow below. Be warned, they might not be suitable for everyone though…

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