Onward – United Visual Artists

Onward is a beautiful installation work from United Visual Artists. Initially commissioned by the Royal Academy for their Earth: Art of a Changing World exhibition to sit in the nearby Burlington Arcade, the piece consists of a series of increasingly complex chandeliers. The shape of each structure is taken from a tetrahedron-generating algorithm and a second function operates to cover each of the triangular frames with a variety of surfaces ranging from the transparent to the refractive.

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More recently the work was revisited as part of the onedotzero festival at BFI Southbank. In physical terms the chandeliers themselves were unchanged but the change of exhibition space (a quiet and dark room off the main atrium of BFI as opposed to the busy Burlington shopping arcade) made all the difference. Rather than being a part of a bustling commercial thoroughfare Onward became the clear focus of the room. The installation drew attention to itself by being the only light in a darkened area and white wall panels proved an ideal ground against which the variegated light could fall with an almost painterly effect. Benches against the edges of the space invited quiet contemplation .

All in all a hugely enjoyable work.

This images above are from the Burlington Arcade installation – I will try to get those from BFI Southbank off my camera again but it’s not playing ball tonight!