Liliane Lijn combines real space debris with frozen smoke for Stardust Ruins

I caught sight of Liliane Lijn’s Stardust Ruins while at a party in Riflemaker gallery this evening. It’s a stunning piece of work and I really wanted to share some pictures:

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The cones come from her time working with NASA. They’re made from aerogel – a strange substance which is apparently 99% air and 1% silicon. I just looked it up online and apparently it’s sometimes called ‘frozen smoke’ which I love because it really sums up the barely-there translucency of the stuff.

Aerogel was used to collect space dust on missions – a romantic-sounding substance which, in reality, looks more like regular dust than anything. However, when exhibited in a glass case, scattered over rosin (solid resin) and punctuated with aerogel cones the effect is stunning.

The work will be at Riflemaker until 22 December