Octopus Monday: CBS Outdoor adverts – Urban By Nature

Octopus - Outdoor By Name Urban By Nature - CBS Outdoor

All over the London Underground CBS Outdoor are touting for business. After all, why not prod prospective clients in the run-up to the 2012 Olympics? And to be fair, it must be working on me because I’m now aware that CBS Outdoor both exist and offer tube-based advertising space. On the other hand, I am someone with a very particular interest in pictures of octopodes and it may be that CBS have spent a lot of money on advertising which has reached me (who can’t afford to be dropping thousands on print ads) and no-one else.

Perhaps they realised this might be the case so they added a few more animals into the mix. A peacock, a giraffe, an elephant, a crocodile and an angelfish. They’ve reached at least six people by my reckoning. Let’s hope the other five are richer than I am!

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