Pink polyester plug sockets and other Do Ho Suh creations

Plug sockets - Specimen Series - New York City Corridor (2011) - Do Ho Suh

Going through my camera’s memory card this weekend I realised that I hadn’t posted anything on here about 2011’s Frieze show. This is basically because I’d done a roundup for the women’s lifestyle and fashion site MyDaily and that meant I had put a mental tick in the box marked “talk about Frieze on the internet”. One of the things I had meant to share on here was Do Ho Suh‘s pink gauze sculptures.

Doorknobs - Specimen Series - New York City Corridor (2011) - Do Ho Suh

It’s part of the Specimen Series – New York City Corridor (2011) and demonstrates the South Korean sculptor’s ongoing interest in the things which connect spaces to one another, from electrical outlets to doorknobs to the lifesized staircase suspended from the ceiling in Tate Modern.

If you’re a fan of these works, I advise you to check out Valerie Jolly’s ghostly tissue paper work which deals with similar structures.

And if you’re in Singapore over the next month, you can see some of Do Ho Suh’s sculptures at the Singapore Tyler Print Institute – 11 Jan-11 Feb.

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