Making a splash: Markus Reugels captures spectacular water shots (I)

R-Y-B - Markus Reugels

I could spend DAYS looking at Markus Reugels’ water photography. In fact I think I’ll probably split this post into two parts simply so I have an excuse to include more of it.

The batch of photos which prompted this blog post was Markus’ Liquid Sculptures series. The series features coloured water frozen into all kinds of weird and wonderful shapes thanks to some skilful high speed photography.

Fun With Colors 11 - Markus Reugels

To create the work, Markus stretches a black balloon over a bass reflex tube which sits over a speaker. He adds a spoonful of water to the middle of the balloon, drops in some coloured in, cranks some techno basslines through the speakers et voila.

You can actually see the setup here in case you were interested in trying it out for yourself. I’m assuming it gets very messy though so maybe do it in the garage or away from any cream-coloured carpets…

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You can see all of Markus’s Water Sculpture photos on his Flickr account.