Candyfloss meets nature in Inka Lindergard and Niclas Holmstrom’s work

Inka Lindergard and Niclas Holmstrom

I’m not naturally a girl who gravitates towards pink. Quite the opposite in fact, but these photos by Inka Lindergard and Niclas Holmstrom are just brilliant.

I saw them on Bobby Solomon’s blog,, and he was saying that not knowing how they were made is half the fun. I completely take his point and kept going back to the pictures over a couple of days just to look at them.

But ultimately, I confess that curiosity did get the better of me. I ended up on the Swedish Photography gallery’s website and found the following explanation:

We are witnessing neither chemical accidents nor climate irregularities; this is nothing more than colour from a spray can or pink smoke, which tints the landscape for the duration of a photo exposure. Sometimes, it is merely colour filters placed over the flash, which falsify the existing colours. Yet even given this background, the fascinating images lose nothing of their radiance and impact.

Inka Lindergard and Niclas Holmstrom