Starry Night inspirations: an Etsy shopping list

Midnight In Paris print (Robert Crum)

The Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh regularly tops lists of the world’s favourite art – in fact, an oil painting reproduction company recently revealed that the famous work was their customers’ most popular of the last decade. With that in mind, it’s not surprising that you will see so many tributes, references and interpretations of the swirling night time scene if you venture onto creative platforms such as Etsy.

Today I curated my first Etsy list and used this Van Gogh’s work as my starting point. There was a lot of dross to sift through in the form of ham fisted reproductions and twee reworkings as well as things which either just happened to share a title or which somehow missed the essence of the work.

The thing which makes The Starry Night so beautiful to me isn’t the fact there it’s a night scene with a heap of stars but the movement and the swirling river of strange lights that burn millions of miles aways and send light from millions of years ago. Van Gogh’s night sky is full of movement and I tried to find pieces on Etsy that didn’t ignore that.

You can see (and buy from) the list in the Etsy Treasury

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