Colour therapy from Multicolr Search Lab


Multicolr Search Lab is one of Idée’s visual search tools. It allows you to search across the Creative Commons pictures marked ‘Interesting’ on Flickr by selecting for particular colours and shades.

I’m assuming that Multicolr Search Lab is built with a business angle in mind – the search results are all Creative Commons, plus Idée’s other visual search tools seem to either focus on finding appropriate imagery from stock photography providers Alamy or allow for tracking an original image from an uncredited iteration (TinEye – incredibly useful in a world where Tumblr, Reddit and so on often strip out credits).

If you did want to use a specific image you could click on any of the search results to go to the original Flickr page and take it from there. But for me, the enjoyment is in the wall of colour. I gravitate towards the watery colours (as with the teal above) and end up looking at a kind of mosaic aquarium. I end up treating it as a form of colour therapy!

If you want to you can add other colours to the selection and play about with the percentages of each in the overall image compostition. It allows you to select up to five different colours but I’ve found that doing too much leads to boring mosaics because there’s so much noise.

You can see how gradually adding and changing colours works in the slideshow below:

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