Leonardo da Vinci show to be affected by National Gallery strike?

The Madonna of the Rocks (L - Louvre version, R - National Gallery)

Strike action will be taking place at the National Gallery on Thursday, 19 Jan (1-3pm) and Saturday, 28 Jan (4-6pm). It is likely that a number of rooms will be closed but the gallery states that it will “prioritise keeping the Leonardo Da Vinci: Painter at the Court of Milan exhibition open“.

My gut reaction to this is that since the Leonardo is a sold-out show with people having bought tickets for those time slots months in advance, the gallery will put access to that exhibition above everything else and – if possible – just close a bunch of other rooms housing items from the permanent collection.

Obviously that wouldn’t be great if you were in London to see something that isn’t part of the Da Vinci show but it would make complete business sense – fewer irate visitors and more money through gift shop purchases and tickets bought on the day.

I would suggest that if you’re planning on visiting the National Gallery for anything specific (to see a painting, visit an exhibition etc) then it would be an idea to give them a call or to head straight to the info desk when you get there, otherwise just be aware and factor in a possible loss of a couple of hours viewing time.

If you’re planning a visit on the 28 Jan then keep an eye on how today goes and what the gallery  keeps open as it’s a decent indicator for how future strike action will affect proceedings.

>> For first hand experiences, advice and queuing times please read my previous blog entry on the subject and don’t forget the comments for more up-to-date information.