Are you the Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2012?

The Veolia Environnement Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2012 competition is accepting entries, so what I’d like to know is have any of you ever entered or considered entering?

I ask because I’ve been going every year for the best part of a decade and you do start to see names cropping up again and again so I was wondering whether a lot of people enter but only a small group repeatedly make the grade/chime with what the judges like or whether the entrants are largely the same from year to year.

Every time the contest comes up I wonder whether I have anything worth submitting, but unfortunately the only animal photos I have that I would even vaguely consider submitting are ones taken at wildlife parks or zoos or of family pets. I say unfortunately, not because I love the pictures any less for being of domestic or captive animals, but because the WPOTY rules state what NOT to enter includes:

  • Images of family pets or farm animals or cultivated plants.
  • Except when illustrating an issue for inclusion in The World in Our Hands, The Gerald Durrell Award for Endangered Species or The Wildlife Photojournalist Award:
    • Images of restrained animals
    • Images of animal models or any other animals being exploited for profit
    • Images of captive animals

I have a couple of thing which sit in a sort of grey area though, so I’m tempted to spend £20 on sending in the CenterParcs squirrel photo below. Nothing ventured and all that!

Squirreled Away - Philippa Warr

The competition closes on 23 February at 23.59