Alex Gross makes long-dead Victorians into pop culture stars

How cool are these works by Alex Gross?

Alex Gross

They are mixed media pieces which take vintage Cabinet cards (those little Victorian portrait photographs like the example on the left)  and transforming them into pop culture characters (as on the right).

You can see a whole range of the finished cards on his website – well worth a browse through. If you’re hoping to see more of Alex’s work he has a solo exhibition, Product Placement, coming up at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery – 25 Feb-24 Mar – in New York.

Fans who cannot get to NYC should keep an eye on Amazon for his upcoming book, Now and Then: The Cabinet Card Paintings of Alex Gross. It doesn’t appear to have a listing yet but according to his Facebook page it should be up in about a month.

Sandman - Alex Gross

(Via io9)