Justin Rowe brings books to life with magical sculptures

Royal Little Red Riding Hood (after Kilimnik) - Justin Rowe

Justin Rowe creates these magical sculptures from hand cut books and found images with the help of just a touch of gum arabic and 24 carat gold or palladium leaf. Some are very much in the realms of fairy stories like the one above, but my favourites are the stories below where Justin’s skill brings the book’s own illustrations to life.

Still No Soul Appeared Upon Her Decks - Justin Rowe

Those particular images are half pop up book, half sculpture, so it’s no surprise that he’s currently in talks with Hodder/Hachette children’s books to develop a pop up version of his Twelve Days of Christmas series (previously Cambridge University Press’s Christmas 2011 window display).

You can see a selection of Justin’s work below, but you can buy prints of his work thanks to his range of blank greeting cards on Etsy.

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