Octopus Monday: The tentacled chandeliers of Adam Wallacavage

Fenicologia (collaboration with Tarina Tarantino) - Adam Wallacavage

When I finally get my enormous sea palace one of Adam Wallacavage‘s magnificent Octopus Chandeliers is going in the main entrance to better illuminate the grand staircase.

Aren’t they stunning? I think my favourite thing about them is that even when you’re not using them as sources of light, they keep drawing your attention by casting wonderfully octopus-y shadows on the walls and ceiling.

According to Jonathan LeVine Gallery who represent him there’s a solo show of his work at the Philadelphia Art Alliance from 17 May – 15 June but the listings on PAA’s website don’t go far enough into the future to check that. Perhaps that’s no bad thing though as there’s no way on earth I can get to Philadelphia during that time so I’d just be torturing myself!

Topaz - Adam Wallacavage