An anatomically correct glass brain in a tiny glass jar

Hand blown glass brain in a jar - Kiva Ford

Kiva Ford makes amazingly delicate tiny glass vases, jugs and miniature scientific instruments (which I probably couldn’t be trusted to look after)  but what I really love are his curious anatomical jar sculptures.

Above is the anatomically correct brain in a jar but the series also contains a life-sized molar and an anatomically correct heart. They appear to float inside a sealed jar but there’s actually a little glass spike which comes out from the back wall of the jar and holds the brain in place.

Hand blown glass brain in a jar - Kiva Ford

You can see the rest of the series in the slideshow at the end of this post along with the aforementioned incredibly delicate miniature vases and scientific apparatus. But before that, hit play on the video below and watch Kiva at work:

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