Pushing the Envelope 2012

Pushing the Envelope 2012 - Rob Ryan

Now in its 7th year, Pushing the Envelope is a charity campaign which gets contributors from the worlds of entertainment and the arts to create personalised envelope designs which are then auctioned off to raise money to support the National Literacy Trust. Each year the designs each take their inspiration from a different theme (this year it’s ‘inspiration’) but on a more general level the designs are supposed to symbolise how literacy can change lives.

Some of the participants have opted to keep things simple with just a signature (Christopher Biggins and Dame Judi Dench – perhaps not so handy in the arts and crafts department?) but others have really poured a lot of their time into creating lovely pieces like the Rob Ryan envelope above and Helen Craig’s Angelina Ballerina below.

Pushing the Envelope 2012 - Helen Craig

I’ve included several others which really made me smile below but you should definitely go to the Pushing the Envelope website and see what takes your fancy.

The finished artworks will be auctioned in March 2012 with all funds raised donated to the National Literacy Trust.

Pushing the Envelope 2012 - Laura Hambleton

Pushing the Envelope 2012 - Alison Steadman

Pushing the Envelope 2012 - Andrew Logan