This might sound stupid but I didn’t realise you could see snowflakes with the naked eye. I thought they were purely an under-the-microscope revelation. I think it’s because usually when it snows in the UK you get a lot of that really fine snow, not the huge frothy lumps, so I suppose the ice crystals haven’t had a chance to grow big enough to be easily seen.

This time they did and it was brilliant. I caught sight of one winking up at me thanks to the glare of a street light when I was out merrily snapping away at Saturday’s snowfall. Sadly I don’t have a macro lens (it’s on the wish list) but I tried to get a few snaps of the crystals before they melted.


Hopefully I’ll get a few good ones before the snow melts away!

In the meantime, here’s one someone else (Flickr user Julie Falk, to be precise) took earlier:

Poinsettia Flakes - Julie Falk (reproduced under CC licence)