Tina Salvesen’s art is an underwater fantasy land

They Have An Unlimited Salad Bar - Tina Salvesen

If you are in central London and not playing in the snow you should definitely make your way over to the Science Museum for the last day of the Watercolours and Works on Paper Fair. I spent about 4 hours wandering round the stands, chatting to people and finding new things to add to my “If only” art wishlist. One of my favourite new discoveries, Tina Salvesen, came thanks to a chat with the lovely Byrna West of West Two gallery.

Miami-based artist Salvesen does these wonderful organic-looking works which really put me in mind of the candy land installation by Pip & Pop but as sketched by Quentin Blake. That fluid, bright, intricate, optimistic flavour really caught my attention across a crowded room. Apparently one of Salvesen’s many previous projects was a collaboration with Jacques Cousteau, illustrating The Cousteau World Almanac.

Looking at her work, the pairing makes perfect sense. There’s very much an underwater vibe to be had from a lot of the pieces, including those which imagine the worlds of Nebadon (a universe mentioned in The Urantia Book) and of Nibiru (a planet-sized object which, according to an unscientific doomsday theory, is on a collision course with Earth).

In a slightly different vein – although still clearly by the same artist – are several monochrome seed studies. My favourite is the dandelion, possibly because it reminds me of a sea anemone or similar.

I’ve shared a selection of her work in the slideshow below – enjoy!

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