Balloons capable of being filled with things!

Image: bonbon balloons

How much fun do these bonbon balloons look?

The correct answer is “VERY”.

Image: bonbon balloons

I must admit I’m far fonder of balloons in pictures than I am of them in person because I have an absolute fear of them popping and of that squeaky creaking noise they make when they rub against each other BUT these balloons (from London company bonbon) are:

  1. Capable of being filled with interesting things
  2. Accompanied by fabulous crafted balloon strings
  3. Accompanied by a cat in some of the photos

They look like the sorts of table decorations you would get at an achingly cool Californian outdoor wedding service.

I think if I had an occasion to order one I’d see if I could get a clear one with an origami crane hanging in the middle :)

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