Louis Lang: French fabric prints which would be awesome as wallpaper

Fishing Boats - Louis Lang

Parisian designer Louis Lang produced fabric patterns between 1935-1970. They caught my eye because I like the colour choices he makes, particularly the yellow and blue palette of the fishing print above.

According to the Julian Hartnoll Gallery (which has a whole range of Lang’s prints for sale if you’re interested):

He was one of a group of freelance designers – they would make their designs in the morning and then tour the fabric houses, selling in the afternoon.

I think the majority of the designs would be better suited to wallpaper than actual fabric (mostly because there are very few I would happily have on  my sofa but a great number I would plaster all over my walls. I don’t know a lot about French fabric houses in the first half of the 20th century though so it is entirely possible that their remit involved wall coverings of some description after all.

There seems to be another Louis Lang – a French painter working in the 19th century – which is annoying because everything that comes up on Google’s image search is from him rather than the fabric designer but Julian Hartnoll’s website has a wide enough selection of images that you can get a good feel for his output.

The prints themselves cost between £200-300 each.

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