Octopus Monday: The Hoover Tube Octopus of Alexander Berchert

I recently visited Kinetica Art Fair (it’s a mixture of amazingly futuristic and charmingly low tech inventions which I adore) – you can see my full run down of the highlights over on Wired UK – but one of the exhibitors who really impressed me was Alexander Berchert.

Berchert is a kinetic sculptor who takes everyday objects and gives them a playful, childlike twist. My personal favourite of his pieces was  the Xylophone Wheel – a motorised bike wheel with plastic beads which act as beaters, hitting against xylophone plates attached to the wheel rim thanks to good old centrifugal force.  But as it’s a Monday I’m in search of an octopus so I’m showing you his Hoover Tubes:

The eight arms of the hoover octopus contract as the machine is switched on and descend when it turns off. I must admit that I haven’t seen Berchert describe his work in quite those terms but perhaps he doesn’t think about octopuses quite as much as I do.