Nature’s graffiti and SearchInstagram

One of my favourite things to do when I can’t sleep is to go to and just let the stream of images float past. As you might expect, it’s sort of like watching a Twitter timeline but so much more ambiguous. You get senses of mood, snapshots of otherwise private moments, headsmackingly self-conscious hipster posturing, splashes of colour… There’s a real sense of life being lived whether it’s through moody cliches or curious abstraction.

Irritatingly there doesn’t seem to be an easy way to find out who took individual pictures (SearchInstagram doesn’t include that data as a matter of course, just the accompanying caption and if you’ve ever tried using Twitter’s inbuilt search function you’ll know that you stand about as much chance of finding what you’re looking for as if you just stuck your head out of the window and waited for the author to arrive in your front garden.)

Anyway, this was my favourite picture from last night. It came with the caption “Nature’s graffiti on the wall“, and is tagged as being from Trujillo, Honduras.