A literal never-ending love story by Barry Cipra

Loopy Love - Barry Cipra (2010)

Barry Cipra – a freelance maths writer – came up with this really neat artwork based on the Mobius strip.

In case you’ve never encountered a Mobius strip before, it’s a loop – in this case, of paper – with only one single surface. You can make one of your own by taking the long till receipt from your weekly grocery shopping, giving it a half-twist and taping the two ends together. The result will be something like the strip in the picture above.

Cipra’s Loopy Love was the fruit of a workshop at the Banff International Research Station on Creative Writing in Mathematics and Science. From his description, it sounds as though whoever was in charge of the workshop set the task of exploring a short story on a Mobius strip but the content was left up to Cipra.

Loopy Love contains “a dialog presenting both sides (or is there only one side?) of a twisting love/hate relationship between two characters named Daniel and Danielle”. I can’t find the text of the story anywhere online but I do like the idea of this never-ending narrative view of a very human relationship which rakes over the same ground time and time again, repeats the same mistakes and has the same conversations. It’s a very neat realisation of my more cynical view of love.

On a far more basic level, I also like the idea of not having to turn a page to read the whole story.

Technical info: Loopy Love was letterpress printed by Red Dragonfly Press on Fabriano paper using the font FF Quadraat.