A streak of Sumatran tigers leads to a stand of flamingos

Woop for ZSL

I first consciously heard of Woop Studios when they launched their collaboration with ZSL, resulting in some lovely Sumatran tiger-inspired designs.

Having had my interest piqued, I found out a bit more about the studio and realised I’m actually very well acquainted with some of their work. You probably are too…

Miraphora Mina and Eduardo Lima make up half of Woop and have spent the last decade as graphic designers on the Harry Potter franchise. So all those fascinating posters which suddenly pop into view and the distinctive Daily Prophet layouts and branding – that’s them. Harriet Logan and Mark Faulkner make up the other half of the team and are an award-winning photographer and the Founder & Head of Innovation at Data Explorers, respectively.

When they’re not winning awards, working on movies or founding and innovating, the foursome create handsome collective noun posters which I would like to hang around my house wherever there is space.

My favourite is probably the flamingo one but – in case you’re reading this, Woop – I would be ALL OVER an octopus poster like a rash. So if you’re looking for inspiration, I believe “A tangle of octopuses” would be a bestseller!

The collective noun posters are all available to buy on the Woop website (and have recently been joined by some rather charming zodiac constellation designs).

The Sumatran tiger designs are available from the ZSL online shop.

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