Dominic Wilcox: “I nibbled Britain out of Jaffa Cakes”

With the Olympics looming large on the 2012 horizon and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee gathering pace there’s a definite focus on all things British. With that in mind, UK-based biscuit company McVities challenged artist Dominic Wilcox to create some British-themed works using only Jaffa Cakes.

Writing about the project on his sketchbook website Variations on Normal Dominic said:

I took my inspiration from friends who described their strange and unique methods of eating them. I started to nibble and pick away, going through 30 boxes of Jaffa Cakes to try to get shapes that fitted with my British themed ideas. One problem I had was when I got distracted by the radio and then looked back to see I had eaten the Loch Ness monster.

My absolute favourite is the Tower Bridge sculpture above – it was the tiny boat which sealed the deal – but you can see the seven other designs in the video below: