How cool is this Art Dispensing machine?

Last night I went to the launch of the Paraphernalia art show at Utrophia (just opposite Deptford rail station) – it’s a five person group show including Alexander Berchert‘s Toaster Pyramid – a kinetic sculpture featuring a fan powered by the hot air rising from toasters below.

My favourite idea in the show was the Art Dispenser – a collective work by the Paraphernaliens – which takes the form of one of those plastic capsule vending machines you get at amusement parks. As far as I could tell, each capsule contained either a miniature artwork or a version of one of the works in the show. I played twice (it’s £1 per go) and got paper facial features the first time and a pendant necklace based on Sam Hallett’s Mirror Set artwork. You can see the comparison below and watch the process in the video above:

One of Sam Hallett's mirror works (left) and the Art Dispenser pendant

I think it was a really great idea, and one which I hope other people really enjoy and engage with. I’d also be interested in whether it’s something other smaller shows can adopt – after all, an extra few quid is definitely not something to be sniffed at!

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