The shortest short film competition in the world?

The winner of Montblanc’s The Beauty of a Second competition is being presented on 20 March* in Berlin by Wim Wenders so I’ve been spending some of my time catching up with the brilliant shortlisted entries.

The contest is being held to mark 190 years since Nicholas Rieussec invented the chronograph – a device which recorded time to an accuracy of a fifth of a second – and challenged entrants to submit  a single second of video footage which mattered to them.

The subject? It can be anything as long as it celebrates the fragile beauty of this short-lived unit of time.

The format? Cellphone, high-end digital camera: as long as your moving images last exactly one second and are shot in 16:9 landscape format they can win.

You can check out all the shortlisted videos and all the curated playlists on the Montblanc Beauty of a Second microsite.

*The official Montblanc Twitter feed says 20 March, although the official T&Cs for the project state 24 March as the announcement date. I’ve tweeted them for clarification so I’ll update if I hear back. 

EDIT: Montblanc have confirmed that the official announcement will be taking place on 20 March.