Wim Wenders announces winner of Montblanc’s The Beauty of a Second contest

Jan Herms has been named the winner of Montblanc’s The Beauty of a Second short film contest.

The competition – possibly the shortest short film contest in the world – invited entrants to submit a single second of video footage which embodied the beauty and fragility of a moment.

Montblanc don’t actually say which of his entries Jan Herms won for (as far as I can tell) but looking at the three I can find on the site I would have picked Monumental Night With Moving Stars as objectively his best.

Still from Jan Herms' Monumental Night With Moving Stars

EDIT: Apparently I picked right – scroll down for an interesting response to the choice in the comments which picks out some of the issues raised by the competition. From a personal point of view, the fact that a time lapse of more than a second’s worth of footage won does strike me as going against the spirit of the contest. I was kind of hoping I was wrong and that maybe it was the real-time clip of an owl turning its head.