Thomas Kinkade dies – reactions from the internet

  1. Heartfelt R.I.P.s
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    “@cnnbrk: Popular artist Thomas Kinkade dies at his home at age 54, family says.” #RIPThomasKinkade your work truly did light up the world!

    Sat, Apr 07 2012 10:16:52
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    I am so sad. My favorite painter of all times Thomas kinkade died Friday :( :(

    Sat, Apr 07 2012 10:32:02
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    The world has lost a great creator of art. RIP Thomas Kinkade!

    Sat, Apr 07 2012 10:16:53
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    RIP Thomas Kinkade. You painted wonders and will ALWAYS be remembered.

    Sat, Apr 07 2012 10:24:10
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    World less brighter w/passing of “Painter of light” Thomas Kinkade. His art touched my soul. I think he will now assist God w/sunsets.

    Sat, Apr 07 2012 10:18:20
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    RIP Thomas Kinkade. Your artwork inspired us all and showed the true beauty in life.

    Sat, Apr 07 2012 10:18:16
  8. Popular with parents and grandparents
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    Thomas Kinkade was my grandma’s favorite artist :( RIP

    Sat, Apr 07 2012 10:28:18
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    My mom’s favorite painter, Thomas Kinkade, died. My 1st thought: She has original paintings of his. Their value just went up so much.

    Sat, Apr 07 2012 10:16:46
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    Thomas Kinkade died. Apparently this is almost as much a tragedy for my mother as it is his own family. #emailfrommom

    Sat, Apr 07 2012 10:17:17
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    Awh, my dad got all sad when he found out Thomas Kinkade died.

    Sat, Apr 07 2012 10:17:15
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    Wow, Thomas Kinkade passed away. My mom has a ton of his paintings/christmas ornaments. In fact I got her a painting as a gift once. #RIP

    Sat, Apr 07 2012 10:18:09
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    With the death of Thomas Kinkade, my grandma’s net worth is now $3 billion.

    Sat, Apr 07 2012 01:42:05
  15. Less than glowing reviews
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    @Dooderwear’s favorite artist! RT @zachtgray: I bet Thomas Kinkade will have the most dreamy, over-saturated, sunset funeral ever.

    Sat, Apr 07 2012 10:16:45
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    Mildly disturbed to see how many people I know consider Kinkade a wonderful artist. Yeah, and Patterson is a great author too, right? #meh

    Sat, Apr 07 2012 10:17:18
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    Thank god. No more awful art. RT @cnnbrk Popular artist Thomas Kinkade dies at his home at age 54, family says.

    Sat, Apr 07 2012 10:17:40
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    @BaseballTomB Norman Rockwell was accused of painting kitsch but Kinkade takes it to outer space.

    Sat, Apr 07 2012 10:31:22
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    Sorry… Thomas Kinkade was a hack… he truly sucked. Regardless, RIP.

    Sat, Apr 07 2012 10:17:32
  21. In it for the LOLs
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    Purgatory: Thomas Kinkade hears an ethereal voice, “Walk into the light.” Freezes, unable to decide which of the 27,000 paintings to go to.

    Fri, Apr 06 2012 23:25:06
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    In honor of Thomas Kinkade’s death, all doctor and dentist waiting rooms will be open for public viewings.

    Sat, Apr 07 2012 00:37:41
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    Pouring some malt liquor on a terrible painting in memory of Thomas Kinkade #RIP

    Fri, Apr 06 2012 23:28:22
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    My favorite Thomas Kinkade painting.

    Sat, Apr 07 2012 01:42:47
  26. Market value
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    Rest in peace Maker of Bucks.

    Sat, Apr 07 2012 10:31:06
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    Well people , for those who have a Kinkade painting hang up or in the attic . The value just doubled …..RIP Thomas

    Sat, Apr 07 2012 10:29:13
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    No, your grandma’s Thomas kinkade calendar will not be worth anything…

    Sat, Apr 07 2012 10:28:04
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    All that creepy Thomas Kinkade crap a friend has, MIGHT be worth more now, than while she was on her meth fueled HSN 4.a.m buying bender.

    Sat, Apr 07 2012 10:27:42
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    Oh, Thomas Kinkade died.And the market is still so flooded with his ‘art’ that it won’t be worth a damn.

    Sat, Apr 07 2012 09:21:53