Stunning miniature food probably looks more appetising than what’s in your fridge

Green Tart – Shay Aaron

As a child, my absolute favourite thing about my grandparents’ dollhouse was the tiny tiny doll food. I could care less about the miniature furniture and the dolls themselves, but the tiny plates of food fascinated me.

This was about two decades back when all you got was a distinctly plastic looking chicken and a lot of small silver tins with pictures of runner beans on them so you can only imagine how excited I get about people like Shay Aaron who take lumps of polymer clay and craft it into something that looks more edible than half the things I have in my fridge right now!

Shay sells a selection of his mini food on Etsy so if you’re a fan you should head over for a browse.

California Guacamole – Shay Aaron

Rainbow Cake – Shay Aaron

Seafood Collection – Shay Aaron

Strawberry Jam Crepes – Shay Aaron

Gingerbread House – Shay Aaron