Octopus Monday: Mark Laita’s undersea world

North Atlantic Octopus - Mark Laita

North Atlantic Giant Octopus (2010) – Mark Laita

Mark Laita’s sealife photography is fantastic – you can see a wider selection of his creatures on his website (or in his beautiful book, Sea) – but here’s the octopus from the set because it is Octopus Monday, after all!

Unusually the octopus isn’t actually my favourite, though. I’m a big fan of the effect of the creature reflected down off the water’s surface and the photograph which takes best advantage of that is this one of the Blue Spot Stingray:

Blue Spot Stingray (2006) – Mark Laita

Mark’s website: MarkLaita.com

Mark’s book: Sea, Mark Laita, £22.75

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